Industry Challenges

Risk can differ from one industry sector to another. Our C2MA process results in a customized set of rank-ordered tactical actions to mitigate associated business risks, regardless of industry.

Assessments based on a common maturity model are essential for benchmarking purposes, to compare with other organizations in a specific sector and to assure that you are addressing the unique compliance requirements specific to your industry.

Industry compliance & certificatio

For industry compliance & certification purposes they provide the necessary evidence to auditors and governance that your company is either fully in compliance or on track toward certification. They offer orientation and a defined starting point for change activities. In this way they also strengthen the reputation of your organization, and add to your general transparency, serving as the foundation for good governance.


Our experience across Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Energy, Financial Services, Government and Technology enable us to customize programs specifically tailored to your industry sector.

Our patented C2MA accurately quantifies the cybersecurity risk score and profile for your organization which enables voluntary, consistent and continuous measurement and improvement of your cyber-risk resilience and cybersecurity capabilities into the future.

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