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Cyturus Cloud Strategy Service

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology has revolutionized the means and velocity that businesses can bring their products to market. The transformational advantages of Cloud also bring a unique set of challenges that must be addressed to avoid eroding the innate value of Cloud technology.

Two strategic and critical areas key to an organization’s success in effectively deploying cloud technologies are a Cloud Technology Strategy and Cloud Security Strategy.  

Cloud Technology Strategy

Cloud Goals

Assess the organization’s business drivers for utilizing Cloud technologies.

Cloud Competency

Analyze the organization’s current state of use-cases for Cloud computing.

Cloud Governance

Assess the organization’s means by which it makes decisions, develops standards, and maintains accountability with Cloud services.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Assess the benefits from investing in a centralized business unit that provides foundational Cloud knowledge to the organization.

Cloud Controls and Performance Measurement

Assess the organization’s current Cloud operational and financial controls 

Cloud Security Strategy

Data Protection

Assess the organization’s Cloud data to understand criticality, location, and related protection controls. 

Application Security

Assess the standard security controls when deploying an application to the Cloud.

Network Security

Assess the network architecture and security controls that are in place for every type of Cloud network.

Access Controls

Assess Cloud access for the organization and how Cloud secrets are created and maintained.

Shared Security Model

Assess the comprehension and liability exposures of the Cloud Shared Security Model with every Cloud Provider. 


Assess how the organization introduces, tests, approves, and maintains Cloud security.


Assess the Cloud security reference architecture and analyze the organization’s Cloud security standards.

The over-arching objectives of the Cloud assessments is to assure that your organization has implemented and is following industry best practices, and that you are in compliance with legislative regulatory requirements. All risks are identified and scored.

Our Cloud Strategy Service is based on our proprietary Adaptive Risk Model (ARM) methodology. The Cyturus ARM identifies deficiencies, measures potential business impact, and recommends prioritized mitigation actions across the entire enterprise. This service is then automatically ingested into the Cyturus ARM framework for deeper examination and lateral impact as part of the ongoing continuous improvement cycle.

Does your organization have a defined Cloud Strategy? Are your business units adhering to the strategy and approved Cloud policies?

Contact us to learn more about your level of Cloud awareness. Discover how to implement a framework and establish a set of processes that will guide your organization in adopting a secured Cloud infrastructure while minimizing the risks to the business.