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Cyturus Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

The Cyturus BC/DR engagement results in a customized package of rank-ordered mitigation actions mapped to the associated business risks and a fully managed project plan to ensure the successful operationalization into your organization.

In addition, executing practice exercises of the newly formulated plan allows for all stakeholders to experience near real-world circumstances and provides for on-going refinements based on the exercise results. 

Cyturus specializes in managing adverse situations and immediate risk appraisal. Our BC/DR practice focuses on these distinct areas of concentration:


Crisis Management

Administrative and Human Resources

Work Area and Facilities

Technical Systems and Infrastructure

Suppliers and Service Providers

Emergency Operations

Patented Adaptive Risk Model

The Cyturus BC/DR Service is based on our patented Adaptive Risk Model (ARM) methodology. The Cyturus ARM identifies deficiencies, measures potential business impact, and recommends prioritized remediation actions across the entire enterprise. This service is then automatically ingested into the Cyturus ARM framework for deeper examination and lateral impact as part of the ongoing continuous improvement cycle.

Is your organization properly prepared for the next Black Swan event? Do you need expert guidance in evaluating your current risk profile?

Contact us to discuss your level of disaster preparedness and discover how to implement a framework and set of processes that will guide your organization in recovery from a disaster and to seamlessly and rapidly resume normal business operations.