The Adaptive Risk Model (ARM)

With decades of cyber security expertise, Cyturus has helped many organizations gain insight into cyber-resiliency, as well as providing corrective actions to mitigate specific cyber-centric business-risk. The Cyturus Cyber Risk Quantification process helps you to see the risks and manage them in a meaningful manner.

Using advanced algorithms and a patent pending process, the Cybersecurity Capacity and Maturity Assessment (C2MA) scoring is calculated based on weighted industry best practices, governance maturity, and strategy comprehensiveness against defined Maturity Indicator Levels.

The resulting cybersecurity numerical maturity score is called the Cybersecurity Maturity Index (CMI) and it becomes the constant metric that drives continuous improvement reflected in the ARM.

The patent pending interview-driven Cybersecurity Capacity and Maturity Assessment (C2MA) process not only identifies current capabilities and existing gaps in an organization’s cybersecurity programs, it produces a roadmap for improving and measuring maturity in a consumable plan that is specifically developed for each assessed organization.

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The patent pending Adaptive Risk Model (ARM) identifies deficiencies, measures potential business impact, and recommends prioritized mitigation actions. The engagement cycle results in a customized set of rank-ordered tactical actions to mitigate the associated business risks while accurately quantifying the cybersecurity risk profile for your organization.

The Cybersecurity Capacity and Maturity Assessment (C2MA) processes cybersecurity risk as a business problem, not simply an IT problem. This assessment measures both the cybersecurity capacity and maturity of the organization across the entire business enterprise and provides visibility into the areas offering the greatest potential reduction in business risk. The findings are used to generate a mitigation roadmap enabling the focused deployment of cybersecurity resources.

A typical engagement begins with a baseline stage where your current Cybersecurity capability and maturity is measured across the entire business enterprise and provides a snapshot of where your organization stands today relative to cyber-risk, expressed in a ranking for each business domain.


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